Germany follows with more cautious attitude towards Russia, said Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, the TV channel C-SPAN.

According to him, the United States regarded by Moscow as a serious threat.

"Allocation of one percent of GDP on defense suggests that they’re not quite ready to accept Russia as the United States," he said.

The diplomat added that Germany must stick to its financial commitments. In 2014 NATO countries have agreed annually to provide for the defense of two percent of GDP.

According to Pompeo, President Donald trump expects Berlin different attitude to Russia than that shown by German politicians.

In addition, the state Secretary recalled that Washington opposes the project "Nord stream -2" as such "deep energy connection" with Russia will give Putin the opportunity to harm Germany or to threaten thus".

In June, trump announced the reduction of U.S. troops in Germany almost doubled. He noted that the military spend a lot of money there, and Berlin, on the contrary, underpaid NATO.

Another stumbling block between the U.S. and Germany is at position "Nord stream — 2". At the end of last year, the Washington, promoting its liquefied natural gas to Europe, have introduced restrictions against companies involved in the project. At the same time Germany and Austria support the construction of the pipeline, being interested in the reliable supply of fuel. Also for the gasket acts as Norway, the government which owns 30 percent stake in the company Kvaerner, one of the construction contractors.