In Poland since mid-March, a mass event is prohibited. Nevertheless, every Saturday, entrepreneurs, farmers and some politicians of the opposition come out to protest in the centre of Warsaw. Last Friday, the organisers announced on his page in Facebook that the new action will be “hybrid” – those wishing to participate should follow appearing on the Internet tips and act as they will be indicated. It immediately responded to the Warsaw police: “please be informed that no demonstration has not been registered. All meetings will be illegal. Current message indicates that the main aim of the protesters is anti – police. The organizers, speaking about the protest, to use the word “hybrid” and “maneuvers”. Felt “peaceful” attitude”.

actually, the aim of the protesters was the presidential Palace. Going to him, several hundred demonstrators staged at the center of the Polish capital something like playing catch-up: divided into groups, changing the direction of movement. But the cops blocked all the streets and surrounded the small groups of protesters. One of them was the main organizer of the action – the businessman and presidential candidate Paul Tanana. The police reported that he was detained “in connection with attack on police officer”. He Tanaino reported before doing this, just walked, “I went to the presidential Palace, wanted to see your future home”. In the end, to the Palace of the President got only a few, most of the protesters were detained by police at the beginning of this “game”.

Recall that this is the sixth demonstration of entrepreneurs since the beginning of March. Businessmen have United in a community of “entrepreneurs” trying to draw public attention to the plight faced by Polish small and medium businesses. From the end of April in Poland, where there was more than 20 thousand infections a coronavirus, is a gradual lifting of restrictions. On may 4, were shops and large shopping centres. But, according to Polish employers ‘ Federation and the Confederation Lewiatan, in two months, the Polish economy has already lost 106 billion zlotys.