A resident of Riga protested the announcement about the mandatory wearing of masks on public transport, which was made in Russian. In his complaint, had to take official transport Rigas satiksme (“the Riga message”).

Riga explained that half the ads is done in the Latvian language, yet a quarter of the messages can be heard on Russian and English languages. In “Rīgas satiksme” also explained that information on the monitors in the transport and announcing the stops are made only in the national language.

This answer did not suit the citizens, who continued the discussion on Twitter.

"why do you choose Russian language? It is not the language of the EU, there is not Russia. Exactly the same could be Ukrainian language. Or maybe Chinese? “Rīgas satiksme”, why the choice fell on this language?" — it asked a question that has not received a response.

Earlier reported that the patriotism of the citizens of the Republic that celebrates the Day of Victory over fascism may 9, questioned the President of Latvia Mr. Egils Levits. The politician reminded that for those who want to commemorate the fallen in world war II, you can do it on 8 may. In addition, he added that in Latvia, unlike in Western Europe, after Winning one occupation power has replaced another.