the Cost of housing under construction in Moscow continues to rise in spite of negative consequences of the regime of isolation, acting in the city since the beginning of April. It follows from CYANOGEN, arrived in edition “”.

According to analysts, last month the average cost per square meter in new buildings of the capital increased by 1.3 percent compared to March figures. In annual terms, the price increase amounted to 11 percent. By may, the new “square” in Moscow worth EUR 205.8 thousand rubles.

according to experts, the housing market has not had time to react with a price adjustment to falling demand. However, the rate of increase in the average cost was lower than the average monthly growth in 2020 (1.4 percent). “Planned price increases, despite a regime of isolation, due to the chosen strategy developers are betting on a recovery of demand through preferential mortgage at 6.5 percent per annum”, — analysts explain.

Earlier, in April, was named the most popular type of housing in Moscow in the period of isolation is one-room apartments in new buildings on the high stage of readiness. They accounted for 45 percent of transactions in newly built complexes in Moscow and Moscow region since the beginning of the special regime.