in St. Petersburg In Mariinsky hospital died sculptor Roman Shustrov, theatre and exhibition environment it is known as the puppet master. And the Petersburgers and tourists know him as the author of the sculpture “the angel of St. Petersburg”, which became one of the symbols of the Northern capital.

“the angel has become an integral part of the theatrical creative atmosphere of the city. They say that in the best works of the artist is always a part of his soul…” – say in the Youth theatre on the Fontanka river, next to which a “Petersburg angel”. In the theater, they say, the death of the Novel she said was for the whole team a real tragedy.

Roman Shustrov in early may, was hospitalized with pneumonia. The artist has been confirmed coronavirus infection. Despite all efforts of doctors, he died.

the Death of the Novel she said was a shock to fans of his work. Page sculptor in Facebook turned into a memory wall. People leave condolences, post photos with the works of the Novel, she said, but most of all I remember the “St. Petersburg angels”, who couldn’t save his maker from the insidious virus.