In a recent speech, Vladimir Putin once again reminded the officials that the government promised extra doctors working with the coronavirus, will have to pay. To stress this was necessary because in many regions all crook trying to pay doctors less. We collected the opinions of wraca about what is happening.

Payments to doctors Vladimir Putin initially announced in April at a meeting with heads of regions. For doctors the Supplement should be 80 thousand rubles per month, nurses, paramedics and nurses will receive 50 thousand rubles, nurses – 25 thousand rubles, doctors ambulance – 50 thousand roubles, and drivers of carriages – 25 thousand rubles. “I repeat, these professionals are at the forefront,” announced Putin. A month later, on may 9, the President announced that these payments received at the hands of only 56 thousand people. However, as it turned out the money was already transferred to the regions. But the doctors never came.

In some regions of the medical staff rebelled. Doctors Pokrovskaya hospital in St. Petersburg, has recorded a video message, which indicates that they have no means of protection, although patients with coronavirus. And, despite the fact that the clinic was redesigned to work with covida, the salary of doctors was just below. Now, the salary began to consider the rates of infectious of doctors and took all due allowances: category, experience and so on.

a Similar situation occurred in Yekaterinburg. Radiologist Artemovskaya CRB appealed to the head of the Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev. “Instead of paying in the amount of 80 thousand rubles for health professionals working with coronavirus patients, we received 25 thousand rubles. Why is that?” – asked the man. The Governor explained that in various hospitals the doctors have a different burden of coronavirus. Someone patients appeared earlier somewhere patients more. Therefore, when calculating payments based on actual time worked during the month. By the way, neither the presidential decree nor the decree of the government on such a scheme of calculating said nothing.

Moreover, the coronavirus has hit the wages not only of doctors who are directly involved in treatment of such patients. “I work in the lab. Infected material, it is infected. No matter kovid or not. But the salary is significantly decreased due to the fact that closed pay offices and services that the hospital can provide. In a month we pay 100-300 rubles for Kovalam. This amount depends on the number of positive results. I got an allowance of 400 roubles”, – told “MK” employee of the clinical hospital # 40 in Yekaterinburg.

doctors from Perm: “we in the Department had 15 beds, and a hundredlo 22. That is, patients became more, and the number of doctors has not increased. For the last two days I slept for two hours. Wages for April were the same.

we in the Department are patients after stroke with severe disabilities. Many of them have pneumonia. But the infection Department refuses to take, because revive couldn’t. Tests take, but to wait a few days. During this time the patient dies and postmortem results have no reports and the topic is forgotten. Of remedies only gauze masks that we made – that’s all,” – said the man.

the idea is that Putin’s next mandate was to spur officials and the payments were to go. But not everywhere it is. As told “MK” press Secretary of the “Alliance of doctors,” Ivan Konovalov, the complaints are literally everywhere.

– Just yesterday we discussed the cases from Yaroslavl, Leningrad oblast and Perm Krai. The officials go to various tricks. In Yaroslavl did the following: patients with suspected kovid first sent to a regular hospital. There they do the test and provide primary care. All this time the patient is diagnosed with pneumonia. When the test gives a positive result, they transporterowych in specialized infectious diseases hospital.

Doctors say: “Well, you treated him for pneumonia, and therefore no mark-UPS not allowed.” And the doctors of specialized clinics, and remove all due allowance – for the category, seniority, harmful and so on. “Putin’s” allowance give, but not entirely. In the end, it turns out the salary is the same or even less money.

And everywhere, without exception, literally hundreds of complaints from all regions of the country as follows: physicians are not working in General, but only for the hours of direct contact with the patient. And this in a specialized infectious hospitals, where they are struggling with the coronavirus. Someone got 250 rubles per month, doctors from Perm a little less than 2 thousand in two months, someone got 184 rubles – these are the figures. Today the same thing happened in Nizhny Novgorod, where doctors came to complain that they paid mere pennies.

What you need to do to the doctors to get the promised amount?

– it is impossible to be silent. You can combat this in several ways, need to come from all flanks. The first is to write complaints to supervisors. In the first place – the Prosecutor and the labour Inspectorate. Second – to address publicly, because of public appeal to solve a problem.