herd immunity can defeat a coronavirus in 43 per cent coverage of the ill COVID-19 or inoculation. To such conclusion scientists and mathematicians of Nottingham and the University of Stockholm, reports TASS with reference to the article in the journal Science.

the Level of immunity is defined as the proportion of the population that is immune to the virus. The researchers used a mathematical method in assessing the development of immunity.

According to Professor Frank ball (Frank Boll) from the University of Nottingham, the more active a society is, the faster it copes with infection and produces herd immunity. The article States that the desired level is reached in the absence of restrictive measures.

meanwhile, the main epidemiologist of Ministry of health of Russia, academician of the RAS Nikolai Briko believes that protection of the population can say when herd immunity is 60-70%. The invulnerability of the Russians to the coronavirus appears at vaccination covering 95 percent of the population, says an expert.