Named the most harmful drink in the period of self isolation

dietitian, member of the national Association of dietitians and nutritionists Marina Makisha have called the most harmful beverages in the period of self-isolation in an interview with TV channel “Star”.

According to her, the risk are those drinks which contain sugar. “Soda various, is packaged fruit juices, and even beer, because in its composition, too, is sugar,” said Machisa.

the Nutritionist noted that sugar harms the human immune system and is not recommended for use in the period of the threat of coronavirus. The substance may cause inflammation of the complex and thereby increase the load on the immune system of a person.

the Greatest benefit of the body to bring plain water. Also, the nutritionist advised me to drink tea and coffee, but these drinks must be weak and be consumed in moderate amounts.

Also useful during the regime of isolation are vitamin-fortified beverages. It can be natural fruit drinks or herbal teas of herbs, said the nutritionist.

Previously, a physician of new York hospital Marlene Kaplan spoke about the dangers of alcohol in the coronavirus. According to him, the use of alcohol when infected by the infection will only provide an additional burden on the liver. The doctor indicated that, despite the fact that the adoption of the alcohol disinfects the inside of your mouth, it will not disinfect the lungs.