Constantly enabled Bluetooth module may cause cracking smartphone. About it in conversation with RIA Novosti said a senior engineer at digital security company Avast Vojtech Barrels.

the Main danger Bluetooth, called Barrels, is the possibility of hacking a smartphone. The risk can be minimized if you disable the interface when it is not required: “It will not allow other unauthorized devices attempt to send data or to connect to phone”.

According to the expert, for a successful hacking, the hacker need to know the MAC address of the Bluetooth module. The engineer concluded that this information is much easier to obtain if the device is in discovery mode. The user still needs to allow third-party devices to connect to your machine.

in addition, if unwanted contacts will try to connect your device to the device user, the latter will distract the toast. “Recommended to use this function”, — summed up the Barrels.

Despite the risk of being hacked via Bluetooth, the specialist sees no reason to panic and paranoia. According to him, the technology still has a number of vulnerabilities, but its features and versions are constantly updated.