The head of the Brazilian unit of “Doctors without borders” Ana de Lemos said that Latin America will become the next source of a pandemic coronavirus. According to Der Spiegel, the biggest danger facing Brazil.

Mexico has set a record for the number of people infected with coronavirus

According to the world health organization in South America last week recorded 96 thousand new cases of coronavirus and about 5.5 thousand deaths, the increase was 45 percent and 51 percent, respectively.

Der Spiegel stresses that the official figures do not convey the full scale of the crisis in Brazil and Mexico. The stories of the employees of the funeral services, and medical personnel suggests that the consequences of the infection died more people than declared (according to official data, in Brazil died 16,8 thousand people in Mexico died of 5.3 thousand people).

The publication drew attention to “increased mortality” in the capital of Peru, Lima, in the Brazilian city of Manaus and Guayaquil in Ecuador. We are talking about comparing the total number of deaths in recent months, with the average of previous years. the

It turned out that Lima is now dying twice as many people than usual in Manaus the number of deaths soared three times, and in Guayaquil died at least five times more people than in the same periods of the past.

Unnamed doctors from Sao Paulo said that Brazil is in danger of becoming the next global center of the pandemic. Rio de Janeiro, he foretold the fate of the “Brazilian new York”. The total number of deaths from the coronavirus in the country could reach one hundred thousand, he said.

Der Spiegel drew attention that the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, and the head of Mexico’s andrés Manuel lópez Obrador did not take the situation seriously and opposed the restrictive measures.

While health systems in these countries suffered from economic stagnation in recent years.

How to write “Rambler”, according to the latest data, the new coronavirus was identified more than 4.8 million people worldwide, more than 318 thousand of them died, about 1.8 million recovered.