Israeli archaeologists during the excavation in the vicinity of the Western wall known as the Wailing Wall, found a series of tiny underground chambers, the purpose of which remains a mystery.

As reported by the Associated Press, Israeli archaeologists presented the results of excavations carried out in the dungeons of the Temple mount. The work was carried out by the mission of the Israel antiquities authority.

Archaeologists have discovered new areas of the vast network of ancient underground passages, which runs close to the Western wall. One of her world-famous sites as the Wailing Wall.

Excavations started last year. Archaeologists decided to study the remains of the late Byzantine building is approximately 35 metres from the base of the wall. It all started with the study of a simple tile floor, paved with white mosaics.

under It was discovered a number of small chambers carved in the rock. In these niches were discovered whole and preserved fragmentary clay oil lamps and bowls made from limestone.

Dating showed that their age is approximately 2,000 years ago. Scientists believe that an underground room was found are their same age, that is, they were carved in the rock too, about 2000 years ago.

As noted by the head of the excavation Barak Monnickendam-givon the, never before in this ancient city like a network of tiny underground chambers are not found. According to him, they were “very mysterious.” Scientists do not yet know, using these tiny cameras.

the Underground archaeological excavations are at a depth of approximately six to seven meters. The researchers hope that the discovery of new items such as bone fragments and pottery will help shed light on daily life in Jerusalem before its destruction by Rome in 70 ad