Former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin urged not to allow Russia to “privatize” the victory in the Second world war. About this he wrote on his Twitter page.

“We should not give Russia to "privatize" the victory over Nazism,” — said the former Minister. According to him, Moscow “is building a mythology and "ties"”, trying to “take hostage” story.

“we Need to build a strong partnership with our friends to counter it,” urged Klimkin.

In his article on the website “European Pravda”, the former foreign Minister writes that in modern Russia the real history of world war II “destroyed and replaced with a splint.” Moscow assumed the victory and made their weapons, not only domestically, but also abroad, said Klimkin.

According to the ex-Minister, world war II began as a result of collusion of two totalitarian regimes.

“Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union divided and permanently destroyed Central Europe, which was our common home, and Stalin did not behave better than Hitler — just remember Katyn,” — said Klimkin and urged Ukraine to cooperate with Poland “in the issue of possible compensation for the invasion of 1939”. He also noted that “for many Ukrainians, both modes were equally criminal.”

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Anton Drabovich said that during the Second world war, Ukrainians fought for the interests of others.