Wearing masks in closed public spaces, primarily in stores, will be mandatory in France since July 20. For failure to comply with the rules of the French face a fine of 135 Euro, the same as applies to free riders in public transport, said Le Parisien.

the country’s Ministry of health has warned that officials will conduct a “sudden and massive” check to enforce this rule. “A client who doesn’t want to wear a mask upon entering the store, you will not be able to enter it,” warned Jacques Creyssel, the representative of the French Federation of trade and distribution. To help managers to alert customers to the web sites of the government and the Ministry of health to upload and download a sign “the Wearing of masks required”. Every Manager of the institution will be able to pin it on his display. And if a client violates this obligation by removing a mask when in the room, only he will have to pay a fine.

the First such fines on Wednesday, July 15, introduced the authorities of the Department of Mayenne, where masks are mandatory in connection with the increased incidence. In Mayenne the number of positive tests over the last week has risen to 58.6 per 100 thousand inhabitants, exceeding the so-called “alarm” threshold set at 50 units. If at the beginning of the pandemic, the French government called the masks are “useless”, now they literally impose them to wear in enclosed public places. This is due to the increase of new cases in several departments of France. In particular, in Brittany, the speed of propagation of the virus increased to 2.62. This means that 10 infected people infect 26.

currently, the French authorities also need to wear a mask in public transport, at stations, at airports and in taxis. These measures also affect places of worship, museums, cinemas and theaters, schools and restaurants (when you move around the school). In addition, business leaders can compel their employees to use personal protective equipment. It is expected that on Tuesday the authorities will present a final list of public places where you will need to wear a mask, although the Minister of health of France, Olivier Veran has put forward some suggestions. On Saturday he wrote on Twitter that the compulsory wearing of masks will also affect banks and private markets.

the penalties for violating the compulsory wearing of masks introduced in some countries. In Belgium, the violator of these rules is in danger of to splurge on 250 euros. In Melbourne, Australia from Wednesday the lack of masks will be fined 200 Australian dollars (122,40 EUR). In the UK in the near future, the violators will pay a fine of 110 Euro for the same reasons��.