Reconnaissance aircraft crashed in the East of Turkey. The accident occurred in the Eastern province of van. As a result of the tragedy killed the seven members of the Turkish security services, including the two pilots, according to the state Anadolu Agency, quoting interior Minister of Turkey Suleyman Soylu. The causes of the accident are being specified.

According to Turkish channel NTV, the accident occurred at a height of 2 thousand 200 meters. The plane crashed into the mountain Artos. 22:32 the crew last made contact with air traffic controllers, the pilots reported that they were on the way to the base. Around 22:45 the plane disappeared from radar, communication with the pilots was lost.

Manned reconnaissance aircraft was released in 2015 and has frequently made reconnaissance and observation mission. The crew of the spy plane in Turkey had no chance of escape. In the fall of the plane fell into the water.