Media China has sent to the DPRK doctors for the consultation Kim Jong UN

MOSCOW, 25 APR – RIA Novosti. The Chinese government sent to Pyongyang a special delegation, including doctors, to advise North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, which can have health problems, reports Reuters, citing informed sources.

the South Korean newspaper the Daily NK earlier reported, citing a source in North Korea that Kim Jong UN is now undergoing a course of treatment after surgery that is associated with the cardiovascular system.

the Chinese delegation, according to Reuters, is headed by a senior functionary of the international Department of the Communist party of China. Emissaries went from Beijing to North Korea on Thursday, April 23.

Yonhap news Agency, citing sources in the government of South Korea reported that the news that the head of the DPRK serious health problems, are not true. Interviewed by RIA Novosti experts do not consider information about the health of Kim Jong UN reliable, and widespread Internet subsequently, the reports of my death call is unlikely.