Russia put the United States account for more than 600 thousand dollars for the set in April, the goods of medical purpose, which was officially called “humanitarian aid”. According to ABC News, the host arose and questions about the benefits granted to Russia of cargo. One of the problems was the different voltage in power grids of the two countries.”The state Department received the final invoice from the Russian government for $659 283″— with up to a dollar reported to ABC News a spokesman for the American Federal Agency on management in emergency situations.Of the transferred Federal Agency documents, reporters learned that Russia supplied the US 45 machines for artificial lung ventilation, 4 thousand completely covering the face masks with filters, respirators 15 thousand, 80 thousand packages of antiseptic for the skin, surgical gloves 30 thousand and 400 thousand pieces of medical clothing. Moreover, it is noted that the resuscitators are designed for use in networks with a voltage of 220 volts, while in the USA are designed only for 110 volts.The representative of the Agency advised journalists to appeal to the leadership of the States of new York and new Jersey to tell whether you passed the equipment to the doctors or placed in warehouses, but the response to this request was received. It is also unclear whether the ventilator. Reporters also noted that it is not clear the purpose of the industrial gas masks M-95 that covers the entire face and meets military standards of protection against biological and chemical agents, while doctors need a mask with protection class No. 95.Washington will have to compensate for the cost of only half of the cargo. The other half is paid by the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF), which is under us sanctions. Under the restrictions fell and ventilators — they are made of the Ural instrument-making plant within the sanctioned concern “Radioelectronic technologies”.Sanctions against KRET even stricter company is placed in the so-called SDN list, which prohibits work with American citizens and companies, as well as includes visa restrictions for its Directors, however it has not prevented to make a deal.Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the delivery a “humanitarian assistance”, the Russian foreign Ministry posted in social networks a message about it with the hashtag #RussiaHelps (“Russia helps”), while the state Department emphasized the commercial nature of the transaction. However, in a press release of the American foreign Ministry noted that both countries had previously provided humanitarian aid to each other and will continue to do so in the future.The agreement to sell was reached on 30 March after a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald�� Trump. “He offered a lot of medical products of high quality, I accepted the offer. Maybe they will save many lives? — said the American President. It was a wonderful gesture on the part of President Vladimir Putin. I could say “No, thanks,” and could say “Yes, thank you”, but it’s a big plane with goods of very high quality, and I said “Yes I will””.Masks, gloves, gas masks and ventilators were handed over to authorities in new York at the very moment when the state approached the peak incidence COVID-19. The state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo then feared that the hospitals are not enough of these devices, and the Federal government, he said, have not done enough.However in the US these supplies have estimated ambiguously. For example, Russia expert from the Carnegie endowment’s Andrew Weiss said in his Twitter account that make such assistance is insane: “I Hope someone tells Trump that it engage in propaganda trick”. Similarly expressed and ex-commander of the USA in Europe Ben Hodges, calling the shipment a “gift to the Kremlin and not the gift of the Kremlin.”However in Federal Agency on management in emergency situations, assured reporters that the state Department would pay the bill and the Agency will reimburse these costs.Alexey Naumov