the President of the country said on July 28, when visiting the military unit of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs located in the capital district Uruchcha. Here he spoke to the management and staff of departments of system of ensuring national security, the press service of the head of state.

In the special forces brigade of Alexander Lukashenko met with interior Minister of Belarus Yury Karaeu, commander of internal troops Yury Nazarenko, commander of the military unit 3214 Vladimir Zhiznevsky, a SWAT commander Alexander Bykov, and the commander of the Moscow Riot police Dmitry Balaba.

after Greeting the staff of the unit, the head of state sharing, in particular, his impressions from watching the story about one of the street actions in Minsk, where people attack the police, and some of them even beat the militiamen feet. “That’s what you need to avoid. In any case on provocation not to go, but not to hurt the children. And we will soon doprygat, we babied in kindergarten” – firmly demanded Lukashenko, referring to the commander of the OMON Dmitry Balaba.

the President got acquainted with samples of military equipment, standing on the armament of the internal troops. He was the “Fox-PM”, “Volat”, “Predator”, “Tsunami”, special assault barrage complex “Rubezh”. These machines are precise news portals, can be used to conduct counter-terrorism and special operations, the tasks of territorial defense. Demonstrated to the head of state and the occupation of a battalion of a special purpose.

assessing the status and development of the armed forces, Lukashenko said that the country’s defense capabilities is constantly growing, expressing belief in the correctness of the course to create a reliable system of national security. “Having been recently in the 38th air assault and the 103rd airborne brigade, 5th separate special purpose brigade, saw a well-equipped mobile units that meet the spirit of the time”, – stated the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenka has also Touched upon the social aspects of military service, expressing the continued support of the troops from the state. “If the economy will work not worse, to live also will not worse. Promise helicopter money will not. But the maximum we will try to support you to have a normal allowance,” assured the President.