Economic analysts have concluded that in the structure of revenues of Atlanta, ZAO 70 percent of the occupied sales of household appliances: refrigerators and washing machines. Moreover, more than half of products successfully exported.

in addition, this year agreed the strategy for the development of the company and for the next five years. It provides in particular that the export will reach $235 million and a gross profit margin of seven percent. Will be provided and will significantly increase salaries of staff by increasing productivity. “By the end of 2020, we expect that we will reach a revenue per employee of 100 thousand rubles”, – predicts the Director of the enterprise Dmitry Sokolovsky.

Although, as reported to the President, in 2020, it found itself in a difficult situation related to the introduction of restrictions on foreign markets. However, the procurement and logistics managed in these difficult conditions to ensure the production of materials and components. In addition, the emphasis was put on sale on the Internet. But in the end, according to Director of the company, in March, failed to realize the “90 thousand refrigerators. For all 60 years of the history of Atlanta not so much sold,” he said. “For this – well done! Did what you had to do everything. And this is an example for others, ” the Belarusian leader congratulated the employees.

Touching upon the issues of remuneration, the President noted that this topic is constantly in the spotlight of the government. Moreover, he has instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to scoreresult salaries in private enterprises, with an average at the industrial flagships of Belarus. “We need to take ten leading companies who have the highest wages. At the top – the highest tenth lower. Take their average salary and to bring to fulfillment all private owners”, – explained his proposal Lukashenko, adding that therefore “we will check and wages of those who consider themselves to be “free from it all.”