The self-declared Luhansk people’s Republic, the greater part of the territory of the LC from June 1 removed a number of restrictions, imposed earlier due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, said on Monday RIA Novosti in the press service of the government of the Republic.

May 13 in the LC resumed work markets, wholesalers, retail non-food group of goods, beauty salons, preschools, resumed work of public transport. However, a number of restrictive measures on the territory of the Republic continued to operate.

"At the earlier meeting emergency sanitary and anti-epidemic Commission (CSPC) under the government of the people’s Republic of Lugansk adopted a decision to abolish the greater part of the territory of the LC and some of the restrictive measures imposed earlier in connection with COVID-19" – have informed in a press-service of the government.

According to the press service, on Monday resumed work of public notaries and the Notarial archives, resumed the acceptance of documents of BTI, and long-distance public transport. The Ministry of justice explained to RIA Novosti that some of the state notary’s offices of LNR increased the time for issuing documents to citizens who have been recorded on welcome to the notary from 01 April to 31 may, "were able to obtain their documents in the first place".

According to the health Ministry LNR, as of the morning of 1 June in the Republic were identified 419 cases with COVID-19. Also, the Ministry reported the deaths of six people diagnosed with the coronavirus, among them two doctors. Throughout the Republic there are a number of restrictive measures in the city of Sverdlovsk – the strict quarantine restrictions.

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