North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN was furious propaganda leaflets South Korea with provocative images of his wife. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing the Russian Ambassador in the DPRK Alexander Matsegora.

According to him, the counter-products are sending from South Korea in balloons. In the pictures the wife of the leader of North Korea, Lee Sol-Ju, was presented out of context. In particular, in the promotional materials noted that the wife of Kim Jong-UN allegedly starred in the porn movie.


As noted by Matsegora, the leaflets were printed “unscrupulous, abusive propaganda aimed at the wife” Kim. These images became the cause of undermining the authorities of the DPRK for inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong on June 16, writes the Daily Mail.

Earlier it was reported that Kim Jong-UN has decided to postpone the plan for the implementation of military action against South Korea. The North Korean leader has postponed the implementation of the plan at a preliminary meeting of the 5th session of the Central military Commission (CEC) of the workers ‘ party of Korea (WPK) of the 7th convocation in a videoconference format. During the meeting they discussed the key projects of military policy, which will be submitted for consideration during the upcoming session.

Relations between the countries experiencing a new crisis after North Korea has accused its southern neighbor of throwing leaflets into its territory.

June 16, North Korean authorities blasted the node inter-Korean relations, located in the city of Kaesong near the border. It is known that in the North this action was planned in advance and publicly announced: a few days before the incident, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yu-Jeong called inter-Korean site useless. 19 Jun resigned South Korean Minister of unification of the country. The day before it became known that North Korean troops entered the demilitarized border zone.