the Probability of the second wave of the spread of coronavirus infection is approximately 90%. This opinion was expressed by infectious disease physician from Japan Akihiro Sato.

According to him, it is very difficult to determine when she will come. Most likely it will be fall or winter, but could happen in July or August, RIA Novosti reported. Sato did not agree that the summer virus may disappear. He recalled that in Thailand and Brazil of infection occur despite the heat. “I think that temperature or humidity had nothing to do with anything,” said the doctor.

Previously head of the infectious branch of the CDB Manager of the President Ekaterina Trifonova said that the exact time of the onset of the second wave of the coronavirus will depend on weather conditions this summer. It is supposed to be weaker than the first, as the part of the Russians by this time will have time to recover. However, to avoid re-enters Covid-19 is almost impossible because of the newness of the virus and the lowest proportion of people with immunity.