Combat vehicles of the Russian army will receive a new coating, which will change color depending on the surrounding landscape. The development is already being tested, RIA Novosti reports, citing a source in the military-industrial complex.

It is noted that the prototype of the chameleon camouflage coating was created on the basis of electrochromic materials. It changes color based on the surrounding landscape. At the moment, the coating is being tested on mock-ups of equipment: the new development will be used for armored vehicles, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles.

“The speed of the masking reaction to changes in the environment is a fraction of a second. If, for example, a tank was standing in a field and the coating had a coloring of one type, and then it changed position and turned out to be against a landscape of another type, then the coating will change the color and structure of camouflage throughout its movement,” the agency source said.

However, the chameleon coating will interfere with the effective operation of the enemy’s television and optical devices, as well as sighting and navigation systems of ground equipment. “Due to the fact that the equipment will merge with the landscape, there will be a breakdown of automatic tracking,” the source explained to RIA Novosti.

Earlier in Russia, they listed the features of the new BMP. So, the ammunition of the new car was taken out of the combat compartment.