MOSCOW, may 19. /TASS/. Chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Elena Malinnikova believes that a pandemic of novel coronavirus infection in Russia will be completed by July.

“Knowing the laws of peprocess, I still assume that by July, despite the fact that it is necessary to gradually still to break free from the notion of quarantine and come out gradually, I think by July you’ll forget about us and won’t invite us [to the Studio as experts]“, she said in the program “Doc-talk” on the First channel.

Malinnikova also noted that even if in Russia there will be more bursts of growth in the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus, they will not “peak”.

“the Bursts is not peaks, and they still have a certain tendency to decrease,” she said.

the Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology Vasily Akimkin, in turn, noted that the inhabitants of the country during the pandemic accustomed to the basic rules of hygiene.

“[This] life skills, in fact close to the instinct of self-preservation, will be with us for a long time. It is with them we have to go forward to step by step to get out of this situation”, he concluded.