For socially oriented non-commercial organizations (NCOs) are distributed delays in the payment of taxes and insurance premiums — a government decree published today on the White house website. According to estimates of the Ministry of economy, such a measure would lead to the loss of RUB 20 billion of budget revenues. In addition, NGOs and business, can enjoy preferential loans at 2% per annum.The government circulated provided for businesses deferral of taxes and insurance payments for socially oriented NGOs — as follows from the published today the decree of the government, this measure will benefit those who fall into a special register of organizations eligible for such support.We are talking about the postponement of the payment of the profit tax, taxes on simplified system of the taxation for the year 2019, the advance payments for the taxes for March and the first quarter of 2020 (excluding VAT), and insurance payments, estimated payments and other compensations in favor of individuals for the March—may 2020, for six months. The terms of payment of taxes for the second quarter, as well as insurance premiums for June-July are postponed for four months. According to the Ministry of economy, the proliferation of these measures, NGOs will turn to the budget system of RUB 20 billion shortfall in income.Another decree provides for the possibility of obtaining non-profit organisations concessional loans at 2% with special conditions of repayment. If the state will remain at least 80% of employees, it will have to return half of the credit and percent on it.We will remind, initially the support measures in the context of the epidemic of the coronavirus was developed mainly for business and citizens — in the discussion of the first “package” it’s about financial assistance to non-profit organizations, the authorities almost didn’t get. Drew attention to it in political circles — former Prime Minister, the Chairman of the security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, as Chairman of the “United Russia”, has sent Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin proposals for measures to support socially-oriented NGOs — in particular, preferential loans, and deferred taxes. After this issue was discussed at the level of the President April 30, he announced a support package for non-profit organizations, which included not only of grace, and loans, but also grants for payment of wages in the calculation of one minimum wage per person.Department of Economics