the Legal Department of the Duma praised the government bill “On amendments to article 157.2 157 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation in the part regulating the procedure of change of the amount of payment for utility services provided in violation of the established requirements”, repealing the sanctions to public utilities for violation of service quality. The corresponding document was available to “Izvestia”.

the Bill proposes to change the penalties for the violation of the continuity or the quality of housing and communal services recalculation of the cost of these services, as well as compensation for moral and other harm to civilians. These changes are ready to support in profile Committee of the state Duma “United Russia”.

“We first reacted to this bill adversely, but then changed their minds. If you fine there is a more complicated procedure of paying the money to the consumer. So it decided to abandon in favor of the allocation. A citizen will protect their rights through the reduction of fees for utility services, if they are low-quality,” — said the head of the Committee of the lower house of Parliament on housing policy and housing Galina Khovanskaya.

Positively to the initiative of the government also reacted and management companies. As explained Executive Director of the Guild of management companies in housing and communal services, the head of the Union of professional property managers in the housing sector Faith Moskvina to pay the fines for management companies money is not allocated and have to compensate by reducing the volume of services provided.

“something, then incomplete will not: somewhere, for example, floors will nedomajot”, he explained.

Extremely skeptical to the bill reacted in several domestic parties. So, the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov expressed confidence that the cancellation of the fines will allow the utilities to remain unpunished, and the citizens due innovation will be much harder to protect their rights.