This decision was taken by the authorities of the country through a controlled epidemiological situation.

In Ukraine, from Monday, may 11th, weakened restrictive measures as part of a nationwide quarantine due to a pandemic coronavirus in connection with a controlled epidemiological situation.

In particular resume stores, shops, terrace cafes and restaurants, and also allowed a walk in the Park.

It is noted that citizens who before the official order began to neglect the restrictive measures praised the actions of the authorities to release from quarantine.

In addition to the shot restrictions in their list they ask to make the resumption of public transport and kindergartens.

According to experts, easing of quarantine measures in Ukraine must and it was going to be much earlier, RIA Novosti reported.

They also believe that the country faces a new outbreak of coronavirus until the autumn.

A nationwide quarantine due to the outbreak of COVID-19 was introduced in Ukraine since March 12.

According to recent world health organization in the world, recorded over 3.8 million of the coronavirus, including more than 265 thousand people died.