The U.S. sanctions against Russia will not be necessary, if the Russian Federation will refrain from aggression abroad and become a friendly partner of the United States and Europe. This was written by the US presidential Advisor on national security Robert O'Brien in his article for The Washington Post.

According to him, the President of the United States Donald trump is seeking a new path in relations with Russia. He noted that no President since Ronald Reagan has not decided on such steps.

O'Brien also believes that, if Russia becomes the ground of the United States, bilateral trade between our countries will flourish. Adviser to the President added that a new relationship between the two countries would benefit not only themselves, but also the whole world.

An earlier edition of the Washington Post, citing a former employee of the Washington administration high grade reported that trump does not have a strategic approach to dealing with Russia. So, the President of the United States wants Russia to brutalize him. As described by the interlocutor of the edition, those who claim that the head of state has a strategic approach to dealing with Moscow, I think about a political figure who cares about US foreign policy and knows the history of us-Russian relations.