according to Spiegel online, all the expenses were covered by a private international company with its headquarters in Rostock, working on technologies in the field of Biomedicine and genetic engineering. Meanwhile, some interlocutors “RG”, similar to the education system in the region, confirmed that wary of the activities of the company, fearing a possible leak of data of minors.

the Beginning of the school day on Mondays and Fridays in the “Karolinum” recalls a fantastic scene from a dystopian novel: a line of schoolchildren passes through the tent, lying on the shore of a picturesque lake. Inside are tables with test tubes, that teenagers should put their own biological material – a smear from a throat. Pre-register on the website of the school where the training video shows the procedure, and receive an individual QR code for the test. The results from the lab comes on the same day, maximum the next morning. Those who passed the “exam “crown”, get the green personalized labels that allow to move freely throughout the territory of the school, which still resembles a secure facility with a fenced corridors and passages.

Such an identification mark on his chest and carries himself, Mr. tesh. According to him, the test is completely voluntary, however, it has already participated in two-thirds of high school students, and 85 percent of pedsostava and staff – from secretaries to janitors. Cases kovida, fortunately, has not been revealed, however, in case of emergency to close the school entirely do not have the will to quarantine a separate class, and four days later to take re-tests. The Director notes that he can now be assured not only for the mentee, but also for teachers, approximately one third of which is at risk because of age or chronic diseases.

he Also hopes that testing in the foreseeable future will allow you to escape from the limitations, seriously complicating the life of the school. Teenagers very hard to hold on to each other at a distance, and the children cannot return to school at the same time. Create change is also not an option, because many live in rural areas, in a radius of 60 kilometers from school to school and depend on the bus schedule. “Now in the same office can be no more than ten students. We hope that soon we will be able to increase this number to twenty or even thirty,” – said the Director in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

the Cost per test is estimated by experts at 30-50 euros. In the “Karolinum” learning of thousands of students, and so only to their examination in the month goes up to 400 thousand Euro. However, neither the school nor the parents, this service does not cost anything. Sponsored by the Corporation that specializiruetsya on the study of diseases caused by genetic m��the grants. Its headquarters is located in the German city of Rostock, however, the firm conducts research in Austria, India, the United Arab Emirates as well as in Cambridge. She has already signed an agreement with the Ministry of economy of Mecklenburg – Vorpommern to organise the diagnostics of the guests of local nursing homes, as well as police officers and firefighters.

the Company claims that it acts in the interests of science and the health of the nation, but not everyone is inclined to trust her. As the radio station NDR 1, the Commissioner of the region on the protection of personal data Heinz müller has sent a request to the mayor of Rostock with a request to clarify the details of this action. “The safety of this sensitive information is not safer than Facebook” – shared with “RG” specialist in the field of municipal education management in Neustrelitz, he is flatly opposed to his own child is a sixth grader passed these tests.

the Director of the school in the nearby town of Waren, too, believes the questionable ethics of such manipulation: one thing to check the physical health of children and adolescents, but quite another to exhibit the results in public. Finally, preventive tests are not medical endorses the Robert Koch Institute, which oversees the pandemic in Germany. And it’s not the cost of mass screening of schoolchildren, which would cost the Federal government about 25 billion euros by the end of the year. And that it is the opinion of virologists can create a false sense of security. “If the person is not showing symptoms, but is in the incubation period, negative test for COVID-19 do not give the real picture about how sick or not”, experts say.