The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic tomáš Peter predicts that the Republic in July will open the border with Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Poland. The words of the policy resulted in the Saturday online edition

"would have Been happy if July we [the Czech Republic] completely opened the border with four neighboring countries – Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia – said the Minister. Next just talks about [open borders] we progressed with the Austrians and Slovaks. The most serious [negotiations], obviously, will be with Poland".

Czech citizens from April 24 to may travel abroad with the passage of a two-week home quarantine after returning home. Abroad should be made only in exceptional cases. This year, the authorities are strongly recommended to plan the vacation with the Republic. The entry of foreigners on the Czech territory is temporarily forbidden.

In the Czech Republic 12 March a state of emergency. It will last at least until may 17.

Since the beginning of March in the Czech Republic, with a population of about 10.6 million people, were identified 7 750 cases of infection with the novel coronavirus. From diseases caused by it died 245 people, were cured 3 446.

Tests on 1 March when the Ministry of health announced the appearance of infection in the national territory, passed 253 826 citizens.