In Russia Zelensky urged to leave unfulfilled plans to install a memorial “bells” on the territory of other States. This statement was made co-Chairman of the Assembly of Slavic peoples of Crimea Roman Chegrinets, reports RIA Novosti.

Chegrinets called Zelensky to do with Ukraine, and not to bear the hostile plans of assigning a part of Russia – Crimea and the installation of “bells.”

“I Propose to leave Zelensky clown plans to return to the Crimea and installed on the territory of another state monuments. He still has a chance to be a real President. Integrity, adequacy and truthfulness – that’s what we have to build to serve their people,” said Chegrinets.

He advised Zelensky, if the latter decides on an official visit to the Russian Crimea, to bring Poroshenko and his team.

“Here, their activities will be given an honest evaluation, and they will receive a well-deserved lifetime achievement award in places not so remote And Zelensky will be able to communicate directly with the Crimean people and get an honest assessment about themselves and their actions,” said Chegrinets.

Earlier Zelensky said that Kiev intends to create some memorial bells in Lugansk, Zakarpattya, Donetsk, and Simferopol. According to his theory, when Kiev will take away the Crimea from Russia and win DND and LNR, four bells at the same time will inform about this event.