In Syria the Russian helicopters patrolling the area of operations Turkey

al-hasakah (Syria), 28 APR – RIA Novosti. Russian helicopter pilots carried out air patrols in the area of the Turkish operation “Source of peace” in the province of hasakah in Syria, they ensure that members of illegal formations were not going to each other, told journalists the commander of crew of helicopter Mi-35.

the Patrol is a pair of helicopters. The main task of the military transport Mi-8, which includes five firing points. Each of the five men responsible for his area of visibility. Their covers shock Mi-35.

Before the flight crews inspect their cars. The commander of the crew bypasses the helicopter clockwise, the pilot-operator goes in the opposite direction. Inspect landing gear, fuselage, closing hoods, weapons (must be secured), as well as blades, wings, screws.

the Patrol is at a height of 50 meters to avoid natural and artificial obstacles. The entire flight lasts two hours, after that the sky is filled with other helicopters.

During the patrol, the crews watched for the most part, civilian vehicles, and two armored vehicles with American flags. For military personnel USA, as recognized by the commander of the crew, the Russian crew just watch.

“In this area almost all clean, no damage, craters, traces of the use of aircraft armament”, – said the commander.