“the Use of combination vaccines can reduce the number of injections, especially for children in the first two years of life, – said the chief epidemiologist of the Ministry of health, academician Nikolai Briko. – In addition, reduced the cost of vaccination by reducing the share of spending on administration, possession and trafficking of drugs in the supply chain of multiple”.

the Vaccine will be produced at the production site of the company Nanolek in Kirov.

Localization in Russia full production cycle of vaccines, developed by one of the world leaders in this field – a company of Sanofi, took five years. Now the partners have started bottling the validation series, which should finally confirm the stability of the drug and its quality already at the production stage.

“a Multicomponent vaccine is a modern and important tool in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases. We hope that a new stage of localization – production of finished dosage forms on a full cycle, will remove all obstacles to enable pathcomponents combination pediatric vaccines in the national vaccination calendar for all children and not only for groups at risk, – said the head of the Russian company Vladimir Khristenko. The pandemic has shown how sharp could be the question of vaccination, and that we all can at any time be at risk”.

“We have successfully passed another important milestone in the project to localize production of our pathcomponents pediatric vaccines, and thus are one step closer to our common goal – to all Russian children are protected from dangerous infections, – said the head of Sanofi Pasteur Eurasia Frederick Jumel. In the context of the challenges faced by the world today, the issues of improving immunization coverage and effective disease control come to the fore. Thanks to the implementation of our project, we can make a significant contribution to the solution of these problems.”