“Testing is conducted for students under the age of 13 years, starting in 7th grade”, – the document says. What else is new there? Provided that the test can be conducted in electronic form.

the school will conduct it annual. You need to collect written consent from students or their parents to make lists of test participants, and to approve the schedule for offices and classes. If the child is under 15 years of age, consent is given by parents. If you have 15 – accord gives himself.

According to the document, the test contains questions, “the purpose of which is to determine the probability of students engaging in illegal use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances”.

In the new order also emphasizes: that the results were confidential, not allowed communication between the participants and the free movement around the classroom during testing. Each student has the right at any time to refuse. That is, for schools this event is required, and students is voluntary.

What could be the issues? For example, in some regions in the questionnaires of the previous years met such: “If your friends ask you to try some stuff and say, “Or sample, or we’re not friends” – do you try or not?”. And here’s the options for the issues of such socio-psychological tests (of which “RG” told the students themselves): “if you Love to risk? How often do you cry? What is your relationship with your friends? With your parents?”