In Scotland, 94-year-old woman didn’t leave the house for five days for fear of Contracting coronavirus. After she found the staff housing complex, it turned out that the pensioner starved, and in her house, no food. Reported by the Daily Mail.

the Incident occurred on March 23, but it became known about it only now. The publication writes that the woman was hiding on the top floor of his house. She was very frightened, and there was no one who could help her to bring food. Found a woman helped her walk to the van of the charity organization “salvation Army”, which was parked in front, and it fed a hot lunch.

on may 19, it became known about the 48-year-old Russian, who was afraid of infection with coronavirus and drank disinfectant gel to protect themselves. The man was taken to hospital in serious condition, the patient fell into a coma, the doctors were unable to save him. He died in intensive care.