WARSAW, April 29 – RIA Novosti. The Polish gas company PGNiG said that “Gazprom” agreed to reduce the price of supply to the Republic of gas in connection with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

“I am pleased to inform that “Gazprom” announced the implementation of the new price conditions, “Yamal” contract, established by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court”, – wrote the head of PGNIG Jerzy Kwiecinski on Twitter.

At the end of March, the Polish company said it won “Gazprom” about the price of gas and is entitled to a refund of $ 1.5 billion. According to PGNIG, the court changed the price formula in the contract, in particular with regard to its direct connection with the quotations of natural gas on the European market, and the arbitration decision applies to gas supplies made from 1 January 2014.

Earlier in April, PGNiG also said that “Gazprom” has put her gas bill on the old conditions that existed before the decision of the Stockholm arbitration. According to the Polish company, for gas supplied in March and the first half of April, “Gazprom” put her account “to bypass the new price conditions”. PGNiG also said it has not received from “Gazprom” adjustments of invoices.