Work on the relocation of the air base of the US marine corps Futenma in the southern Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa will resume on June 12. According to the Agency Kyodo, the facility will be taken increased security measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

In mid-April, all work on the relocation has been suspended indefinitely. The cause was infection with a coronavirus, one of the employees responsible for the bulk of the work for the creation of the airfield, writes TASS.

Today on Okinawa are concentrated 75% of the area of all us military facilities in Japan. This causes discontent of the local population, and the Futenma airbase, located in a densely populated area of Ginowan, was the object of constant incidents.

in 1996 Tokyo and Washington agreed to remove this base. It was then decided that decided to move her to the North of Okinawa in district Henoko, partially placing on artificial Islands. This process began, despite the opposition of local authorities and a number of trials.