The authorities of new York approved the proposal of the Museum of natural history on the dismantling of the monument to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, is reported.

Bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt on a horse surrounded by Indian and African at the entrance of the Museum, writes the New York Times.

In the Museum said that “the Museum community has been deeply touched by the growing movement for racial justice” and noted that throughout the world are increasingly paying attention to the statues, which have become a “powerful and noxious characters of a systemic racism.”

As told the mayor of new York bill de Blasio, the Museum was asked to remove the statue because she “clearly depicts blacks and indigenous people as enslaved”. The city, he said, supported the request, “this is the right decision and right time”.

The further fate of the monument has not been determined.

The great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt IV said that “the world does not need statues, relics of another age, which do not reflect the values of equality and justice.”

The Museum emphasized that it is only the monument, but not an assessment of the personality of President of the United States in General.