The police of Montenegro used tear gas to disperse a demonstration of nationalists in the city of Cetin. This is reported by the Vijesti portal.

The right-wing staged a protest against the intronation of Metropolitan Ioanniky of the Montenegrin-Primorye Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC). The ceremony was to take place in the Cetinje Monastery. The nationalists gathered at 6 am Moscow time on the Palace Square in Cetinje and began throwing bottles and stones at the police.

In response, law enforcement officers used tear gas. This forced the protesters to split into small groups and leave the square. According to the IN4S TV channel, the adviser to the President of Montenegro, Veselin Veljovic, led the action against Metropolitan Ioannikiy.

Earlier it became known that Montenegrin nationalists opposed the intronation of the hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, since they consider the latter to be the conductor of Belgrade’s interests on their territory.

On September 4, the right-wing blocked the entrances to Cetin, began to break through the police cordons in the city center by force. On September 5, according to local media, additional police forces were sent to Cetinje to suppress the protests. The situation in Montenegro has raised concerns at the UN.