Military servicemen of the internal troops began to detain alleged protesters near the metro station “Pushkinskaya” in Minsk, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Security forces patrol the area and stop them seeming suspicious people. Particular attention is paid to groups of citizens.

To the station “Pushkinskaya” is gradually drained more and more people. Security forces also becomes more to the center stole special equipment, including heavy smashing barricades. Some metro stations are closed for entry and exit.

Telegram-TV reported that in Minsk and other cities began problems with the Internet. Do not work local sites, and it’s just impossible to get online.

As reported by “Rambler” protests in Belarus began the evening of August 9 after voting in the presidential elections of the country. Action continued in the evening on August 10, the day it was the third night of protests. In the afternoon of 11 August, the interior Ministry of Belarus reported that during the rallies, which were held in 33 cities across the country, were arrested about three thousand people, including about a thousand in Minsk, killed one person, injured more than 50 civilians and 39 police officers.