Early voting for the presidential elections in Belarus ended on Saturday in Minsk in a rather calm atmosphere, despite the attempts of the opponents of incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko to escalate the tension.

Elections in Belarus scheduled for August 9, but with 4 to 8 August was held early voting, which, according to the CEC of the Republic, was attended by more than 32,24% of the voters. How could make sure the correspondent of TASS, people really went to the polling stations, despite opposition claims that the turnout figures are highly inflated.

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During early voting sites worked in Lite mode – from 08:00 to 20:00 as in the basic day, and from 10:00 to 19:00 and even with a break for lunch. This procedure allowed us to choose a convenient time to vote, because many in the weekend, in recognition of the respondents, like, for example, to go out of town.

Visit sites removes many of the questions on the last days constantly replicated in the opposition media and social networks. At first, indeed, it might seem that voters are few, but if you stay on the site for some time, it was possible to ensure that people were constantly appearing every 5-10 minutes. To each section assigned 1-2 million voters, so the CEC of Belarus the numbers don’t seem so high, despite the fact that some voters came with families.

In the center of Minsk started detention

Another concern of the opposition relates to the lack of curtains on the voting booths: it is supposedly contrary to the principles of the secret will. As explained TASS the Chairman of the precinct election Commission №72 Alexander a Gap is made in the framework of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus to provide ventilation. However, in some areas, for example on the 4th plot in the Moskovsky district of Minsk, left the curtains, willing them to close. Doing this, however, not all, some voters are quite satisfied with the vote in the booths without curtains.

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Early voting took place in small rooms, in the main same day the election Commission will move to a more spacious lobby. However due to the small size of the premises under the threat of coronavirus is in the halls along with the staff of election commissions to no more than three observers. The choice was made in favor of those who have registered early.

At several sites in Moscow and Leninsk districts of the Belarusian capital, visited on Saturday, TASS correspondent, the chairmen of election commissions and observers, representing trade unions and various organizations, noted that voting takes place without violations of the law. Some observers outside the teaching��TKA, have voiced doubt in the figures of the turnout. According to them, the plots supposedly it’s less people, as reflected in the protocols of election commissions.

The voters themselves are mostly not in a hurry to tell for whom voted. They note that went to the polls to do their civic duty and to do everything in their power to Belarus "live well".

the Environment in Minsk

The situation in Minsk in General remains calm, despite the fact that political opponents of Lukashenka is trying to present the situation in the social networks so that the whole city "waiting for changes". On Thursday in the North of Minsk was truly an opposition rally that gathered, by estimates of the correspondent of TASS, 3-4 thousand people. It ended peacefully, the police to disperse it did not try.

Friday night and Saturday as the opposition staged a rally in the city centre, showing from the Windows of the hand with white ribbons – a symbol of their political beliefs and zooming. The police immediately blocked the Independence Avenue. To motorists joined the cyclists, one of whom was an epileptic seizure, but opposition groups believe that it is the result of excessive police action. However, similar protests and actions of law enforcement officers, often local and do not affect the overall situation in the city who continues to live a normal life.

Violators of public order, including the number of pedestrians detained by the police. However, such cases are not widespread. The Internet, telephone, ATMs are still working fine, despite the warnings of the opposition about possible restrictions.