according to the documents that London had branched agents in Germany, France, Italy and other countries and even had the opportunity to influence personnel decisions of the governments of several European countries. In particular, trying to prevent the appointment to the post of Director of the Department of internal security of Spain, Pedro Baños, famous for its independent views and unwillingness to “cave in under the British”. In the context of this operation, the problem of “recalcitrant” policy was resolved in a few hours: it just does not pass the approval procedure for the position.

according to the portal Rubaltic that the secret services of Lithuania called “ideologically harmful” special attention “London strategists” paid the so-called “Baltic cluster”. In the list of 16 names of local leaders, who chose not to Shine in public. They are connected with a secret Department of strategic communications of Lithuania, who, according to the Lithuanian human rights defender Giedrius of Grabauskas, is the military advocacy structure, utilizing the work of Western intelligence agencies. This Department operates since the spring of 2014. He is actively lobbying for the interests of the Alliance, its employees constantly give lectures in Lithuania is anti-Russian, that is similar to the methods of work of the Ukrainian advocates. Among them are “horror stories” about what, say, Moscow plans to establish in the Baltic States some enclaves in the likeness of the LC and the DNI.