the Number of cases of infection by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and mortality from COVID-19 differs in Eastern and Western Germany. How can we explain this fact? The President of the Institute named Robert Koch (RKI) there are two explanations and a hypothesis.

it is believed that “it all started as an epidemic among skiers”: they’ve brought the virus in from Austria to West Germany – Bavaria and Baden-württemberg. It is highly likely that the uncontrolled spread of the virus has contributed to higher population density in some regions of Western Germany.

in addition, the head of the RKI Lothar Wheeler as a hypothesis called the third reason. However, the proviso that the working hypothesis – it has not been proved, and it is unclear whether it is possible generally to prove. Speech on the impact of the tuberculosis vaccine (BCG) on human immunity to viral respiratory diseases. According to the theory, the vaccine BCG (Bacillus Calmet – guérin) not only protect the organism against tuberculosis, but also enhances the natural immunity against other pathogens such as coronavirus. In the GDR, the vaccine BCG was mandatory for the prevention of tuberculosis in children. But after the unification of Germany BCG vaccine canceled across the country since 1998: the risk of tuberculosis was estimated as very low.

While there is no evidence that vaccination times of the GDR contribute to the slow spread of the coronavirus in East Germany.

Scientists are conducting research aimed to show whether the BCG vaccine to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection or weaken over COVID-19.

In the Lancet States that, among other things, the BCG vaccination can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. The authors report a study in Guinea-Bissau – a country where high infant mortality and prevalent diseases such as HIV, diarrhoea and pneumonia. Thanks to BCG vaccination, the mortality rate of newborns with low birth weight declined by 38%. In particular, decreased mortality from pneumonia and sepsis.

the Theory about a possible strengthening of immunity against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 with BCG vaccination check and in the Netherlands. In April there began a study of 1000 doctors and nurses who administered BCG vaccine or placebo.

similar studies will begin scientists in Australia and England.

meanwhile, the world health organization (who) does not recommend BCG vaccination as a way of protection from coronavirus to until who will assess the research. In addition, if the population starts to use existing stocks of the BCG vaccine, it will jeopardize the lives of the children who are in urgent need of vaccination, and this will lead to increased morbidity and mortality of tuberculosis.

However, if it is confirmed the hypothesis of scientists that the vaccine Used��Well enhances human immunity to viral respiratory diseases, it is not excluded that it can be used for that purpose until, until there is a vaccine against coronavirus.

“tuberculosis Vaccines, invented in France over 100 years ago, a powerful irritant of the whole immune system, – said academician of RAS and RAMS Valery Chereshnev, the President of the Russian scientific society of immunologists. – I therefore share the view that BCG, protecting the body from bacterial and viral infections, strengthens the immune system as a whole.”