the Brazilian test is the world’s first analysis of the coronavirus that uses the technology of new-generation sequencing to determine the virus uses DNA fragments. Its accuracy corresponds to the standard DNA tests, but allows to simultaneously analyze up to 1536 samples. In addition, the virus in the human body can be identified with the first day of its exposure.

“the New technology extends the global potential of diagnosing, accelerates the onset of treatment and isolation of patients and contact with him. Thus, it helps to control the spread of the pandemic,” said Sidney Kleiner, President of the Brazilian-Israeli charity society. Albert Einstein.

today, the analysis of genetic samples with the use of new technology, it takes about three days, but scientists are working on reducing this period. It is not known how it can be reduced, however, researchers speak of “significant” dates. The new test may appear in the diagnostic Arsenal of Brazilian doctors in early June.

the Hospital of the albert Einstein was the first who faced COVID-19 in Brazil at the end of February. For a long time it was considered exemplary in the treatment of this disease.

the Situation with coronavirus in Brazil is quite complicated. According to the Ministry of health on may 21, for the last 24 hours in the country recorded 18.5 thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus, 1188 people were killed. Just at the moment in Brazil identified 310 thousand cases of infection COVID-19, about 126 thousand recovered. Victims of the disease for the entire period of the pandemic were 20 thousand Brazilians.

In a country critically short of medical equipment for intensive care. In many regions there is an acute problem with devices of artificial ventilation of lungs. However, the most difficult situation in the poorest regions of the North and North-East Brazil, where about two dozen cities were forced to impose strict quarantine measures to prevent the collapse of the health system of the States.