The Belgian authorities have published requirements for restaurants and cafes wishing to open in the near future in the framework of gradual mitigation of the isolation, reported local TV channel RTBF.

In particular, all food service establishments will have to close no later than midnight. "At a later time more difficult to monitor compliance with measures", – said the Minister of economy of Belgium Natalie Mull.

One table should be no more than four visitors, the service at the bar racks is prohibited. Between the tables it is necessary to provide a distance of half a meter. Also prohibited while an individual menu, caterers recommended to use boards or signs.

The restaurant will be accessible by reservation only. In cafe any of the visitors sitting at the same table, will have to leave your contact information for a possible alert in case of detection of coronavirus employees or customers.

As expected, the restaurants in Belgium will open June 8 for the third phase of the abolition of the restrictive measures imposed in mid-March due to the spread of the coronavirus. The final decision will be taken at a meeting of the security Council of Belgium on 3 June.

May 4 in Belgium continues the gradual lifting of the isolation. People were advised to wear protective masks, wearing masks in public transport is required. Earlier, the authorities announced that the country is April 12, has overcome the peak of death from the new virus, there is a strong tendency to a gradual decline in the number of serious cases and deaths.

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