A series of protests took place in Argentina "over" and "against" quarantine because of a coronavirus, according to TV channel TN.

They were convened in the social networks of merchants, politicians and doctors.

One of the rallies was held in downtown Buenos Aires, near the obelisk – a favorite place for protests in the city. People were wearing masks, but could disrupt social distance. They asked to be allowed breaks during the quarantine, which has had a serious negative impact on the business.

A similar demonstration took place in Tigre – a town half an hour away from the capital.

Currently, many provinces of Argentina has already gone to the weakening of the quarantine. Several of them are bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, allowed playing sports in the streets and walks. Restrictive measures still in Buenos Aires and the homonymous province.

However, in the cities of Mar del Plata, tucumán and Mendoza were protesting doctors, demanding to improve work conditions. They, however, requested citizens to abide by the quarantine conditions.