Mankind may face the risk of use of biological weapons by extremists after the pandemic coronavirus. About this threat Deutsche Welle reports with reference to the opinion of experts of the Council of Europe on the fight against terrorism.

It is noted that the pandemic has demonstrated the vulnerability of modern society to viruses. For this reason, the use of biological weapons may seem extremist groups more effective strategy than traditional methods. It is known that some radicals already have experience with such weapons. Experts warn of an increased risk of this threat and believe that all countries in the Council of Europe should work together to develop the necessary responses.

Earlier, the US saw the coronavirus threat of new biological weapons, the Pentagon and intelligence are closely studying the possibility that their opponents will be able to use a coronavirus as the biological weapons. Intelligence has begun to assess risks: in particular, we are talking about the possible use of coronaviruses as a weapon against the United States, such as goals of high importance.