Headquarters trump decided to engage voters on the quarantine puzzle with the President

the Campaign headquarters of U.S. President released the “Puzzle trump” to take voters who are constantly forced to stay at home because of the quarantine. It is stated in the letter addressed to the supporters in the White house.

it stresses that in the context of pandemic coronavirus “there is no better way to pass the time with your family and show your support for President Donald Trump than to buy a puzzle with an iconic design” – quoted by RIA Novosti.

it is Noted that the puzzles were not reported to the public, so voters are encouraged to Deposit a minimum of $ 45, to book yourself one copy. However, on the official campaign website trump you can already buy this mosaic, consisting of 200 pieces, $ 35.

Recall that the United States today are leaders in the world in the number of cases COVID-19 and deaths from coronavirus. The country was sick for almost 654 thousand people died – about 31 thousand.