Gokhran of Belarus will pass to museums of historical value

Belarusian museums will receive for the exposure of the values of cultural-historical Fund from the State Fund of precious metals and precious stones RB. The decree was adopted by the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

From the collection of Gokhran, will be transferred to silver and gold coins of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, Germany, the USA, as well as tableware, decorations and other artifacts. More than 160 objects from precious metals.

of Special historical value are two silver coins 1 dime, minted in the USA from 1944 to 1946. The oldest coin of 1 penny, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Dating from 1626.

Among the recipients of valuable items is the Museum of the great Patriotic war, national art Museum, and cultural institutions in Grodno, Nesvizh and Smorgon.