This “shell” is now potentially a government Minister for business ALok Sharma. The day before he held a 45-minute meeting in the Prime Minister’s office together with Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the exchequer by Rishi Sunak. The next day, Sharma felt symptoms similar to a coronavirus, i.e. Johnson and Sunak will require a 14-day isolation. The findings from ALok Sharma test has not yet come, but the alarm in the residence of the head of the government and in Parliament, this does not become less.

Downing street confirmed that on the eve of the Charm was sitting at a meeting on economic issues face-to-face with his Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the exchequer, preparing for the Cabinet meeting. The meeting room was then thoroughly cleaned. Official representative Johnson said that the negotiators were sitting from each other at a distance instead of two meters, however, the protective masks on them. Meanwhile, on the question of whether the Prime Minister again sent for a second 14-day quarantine if confirmed infection of ALok Sharma, representative Johnson refused to answer. He only assured that the head of government, “follow the advice of doctors.”

However, regardless of whether the Charm is recognized as infected by the coronavirus or not, this incident seriously fueling the already high degree of anxiety among the members of Parliament. They strongly protested against the intention of the government to return members of Parliament from a virtual benches of Westminster on the bench real. Shadow foreign Minister Lisa Nandy called everything that happens “just awful”. “The government stopped the work of parliamentarians from the house and demanded our return to the building where the social distance is not possible”, she said.

Online voting in the House of Commons terminated on Tuesday. The Deputy opposition labour party Karl Turner called for an urgent risk assessment of the working conditions in Parliament. And working conditions within the ancient walls of Westminster and indeed alarming. Health Minister Matt Hancock, the Chief Advisor on medicine Chris whitty, the Cabinet Secretary, mark Sedwill, and the chief adviser Dominic Cummings has also suffered from the coronavirus. The first infected Covid-19 in the political scene in Britain became Deputy Minister of health Nadine Dorris.