Germany returned to Venezuela the sacred stone of the Kcec

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the return of the sacred stone, Kcec, which in 1998 year was taken out by the German sculptor and installed in a Berlin Park. The stone arrived on Thursday in the port of Venezuela.

“Grandma Kcec” – the sacred stone of the Pemón people in the South of Venezuela,” announced Maduro during his speech, which was broadcast in social networks. The President thanked the foreign Minister, culture Minister and Ambassador to Germany. “Efforts to restore this thousand-year values of the peoples of the South were carried out in the midst of the epidemic,” said the Venezuelan leader.

we are Talking about a 30-ton boulder. Despite the protests of the indigenous inhabitants of the region, the stone was transferred to the sculptor Wolfgang Cracker by the government of Rafael Caldera for use in the composition of art songs, writes RIA Novosti. Talk about the return of the relics Venezuela started in Germany in 2010. In the winter of this year, the stone was removed and he began his transportation.